DF Story 3 Choosing fabric for the first time and handwriting

D F ストーリー 3 はじめての生地選びと手書き

The first T-shirts I made were printed in off-white, charcoal and khaki colors.
I told the factory about the image of the fabric I wanted to use.
For prints, we decided to search for words with good meanings, place names, etc. and create a print version (manuscript drawing) ourselves!
First of all, we chose the most important fabric for us, conveyed our image to the factory, and asked them to prepare a fabric sample.
However, even if you look at the fabric sample, there is an image that you cannot choose.
They prepared several fabric samples that were close to what I had in mind, but even when I looked at the fabric samples while listening to the explanation,
I don't even know if the fabric matches my image.
Somehow I chose the fabric by intuition, and I decided to make it into a product and check it out, so I asked for the fabric.
Next, I requested a T-shirt pattern and created a print design version. The pattern is requested from a trustworthy person with whom we have a long-standing relationship (safety).
Next is the print version of the logo... how do you write the print version? No PC = Of course there is no illustrator
My buddy went to town and bought a tracing stand. "There is only handwriting"!

Of course, it was not the time to say that I had never written a logo before.