DF Story 4 "It's like this"

D F ストーリー 4 「こんな感じ」

Making clothes for the first time, from the start wall, wall, wall,
Somehow, I was able to prepare for the request, and at that time, I had a connection with the factory.
I was able to request it, but as long as the request content is scarce lol
"This kind of color", "This kind of feeling", "This kind of texture",
I was repeating " like this " lol
For such an amateur request, the factory
"Is it like this?" "Is it like this?"
They worked hard to accommodate us.
From the factory, "Let's make it anyway!"
Said, the first request is over!
Until we make our own clothes, it's only natural,
Everything started when I saw the finished product
The process from nothing to finished product
It felt strange anyway.
Then came the first samples.
Printed version written by ourselves, favorite color, texture,
What do you think?
The moment I saw it, I was impressed!
At the same time, my partner and I asked, "Isn't the dough hard?"
"Rib, this kind of feeling is better, isn't it?"
"I wish the color was a little darker,"
The two of us were just talking about reflections.
It's easy to say, but the moment I realized that manufacturing is really difficult.
After all, it will get better little by little with this repetition
Even now, about 20 years after our founding, we are still repeating trial and error like this.
Values ​​cannot be defined, but they are understood
Factories, fabric stores, print shops, dyeing factories, wholesalers, and of course customers who buy our products!
Good things can always be done with cooperation!