Our idea of production areas

The country of origin labels for DEVISE FACTORY products are MADE IN CHINA and MADE IN JAPAN. The hang knitting machines we use are 100 years old and there are very few factories in Japan that actually use them.

At the time of the brand's establishment, we were looking for a place to order production, but could not find one, and then we met a factory in Shanghai, China, that had purchased an US hang knitting machine, and we were able to order production.

After more than 20 years of repeated development, we were able to produce the material we use today. We are not MADE IN CHINA for mass production, but MADE IN CHINA as a result of seeking technology using old style hanger knitting machines (made in the USA).

At present, we use US and Japanese hanging knitting machines separately according to the characteristics of the fabrics, but we are not particular about the place of production and think that "if we can make good clothes, we want to go anywhere in the world".
We continue our pursuit of good clothes with the policy of "made by" DEVISE FACTORY rather than "made in" the country of production.

Original fabric

Our special sweatshirt fabric is made from specially ordered yarns, knitted slowly over time on an old style suspension knitting machine and treated with a unique process.

Compared to ordinary sweatshirt fabrics, it is stretchy and extremely soft, yet durable enough to hold its shape after repeated wear.

It has the feel and texture of a fine knit and is wonderfully comfortable to wear. And with strong seams that can withstand years of use and washing, it can be worn as a garment for life.


The new product is shrunk the most, and the more it is washed and worn, the more it adapts to your body. In order to make the most of the characteristics of the old style suspension knitting machines and the texture of the finished product, we do not press the product (i.e. adjust it to standard sizes) during production.

By wearing and getting used to the body, the fabric becomes moderately soft and loose in the vertical direction. Washing the item will then re-fit the fabric to your body, and by repeating this process it will become even more comfortable.
New items may look a little smaller than normal, but we recommend going up half a size to allow for the break-in process.

All items are unisex with the exception of women's items. Approximately XS and S are for women and S, M and L are for men. Of course, there are many cases where women wear men's sizes.
We hope you will choose the size that suits you best, e.g. just right or larger!



Product colours and washing instructions

Although the product photographs have been adjusted to match the colour of the actual product as closely as possible, the colour may differ from the actual product due to your monitor settings, room lighting and other factors. We hope you understand this in advance.

No problem in a normal washing machine. Please avoid using detergents containing hot water, bleach or fluorescent agents as they may cause colour loss, damage the fabric and ruin the texture.

Turning the garment inside out will minimise the damage to the fabric caused by rubbing during the washing process. Also, the garment will stay in good condition for longer if it is washed in a net as much as possible!
We also recommend turning the garment inside out and drying it in the shade to avoid sunburn.

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