Durable clothes that change over time

DEVISE FACTORY is a casual clothing brand founded in 2002 by Nakajima, who used to work in sales for a children's clothing brand, and Hayashi, a former second-hand clothing buyer.

The brand initially started as a children's clothing brand with the theme of "durable clothes that can be enjoyed over time," which we would want to wear for our children.
Since 2017, we has specialized in adult-sized T-shirts and sweatshirts, with the aim of providing clothes that can be enjoyed regardless of age or gender.

We carefully knits fabrics on rare, old knitting machines that were made around 100 years ago, creating fabrics that can withstand years of wear.

Modern machines can knit about 25 meters per hour, but the old fashioned machines that we use take about 1 meter per hour.
Although this is inefficient, taking the time allows us to produce high-quality fabric.

The below sweatshirt has been worn by three siblings, for a total of 16 years.
We aim to create clothes that will help you weave memories with your family.

Check out the gallery of DF items worn over the past 10 years here .

Unique comfort that comes from a children's clothing brand

Our current dough is made according to DF's original recipe, which combines our requests, the knowledge and skills of the dough factory, and the honest opinions of children.

When we first started the company, we had envisioned "durable clothing that changes over time"
One day, when we had our own children wear, our daughter disliked wearing our clothes, saying, "Dad, my ears hurt and they're hard to take off."

We had been so focused on durability, bur never considered how children would feel when wearing.
We realized that we needed to make the material that children would enjoy, so after making numerous requests and revisions to the fabric factory, we finally created clothing that was comfortable for children to wear.

This completely original recipe, which was perfected through trial and error, is still used today, even though the focus has shifted to adult clothing.

"Durable clothes that change over time" + "soft and comfortable for children to wear."
= DEVISE FACTORY's original T-shirts and sweatshirts.

Clothes that combine vintage and modern styles

DEVISE FACTORY's clothing is made using completely original recipes that combine vintage techniques from the 1950s and 1960s with modern methods.

Co-founder Hayashi, a former vintage clothing buyer, has taken from his experience that a unique surface feel of vintage clothing, the way it rubs, the fading, the unevenness caused by the unevenness of the thread itself, and other aspects that are lost in modern manufacturing.

However, we do not try to recreate everything from vintage. We use better parts from modern. For example, chose a double-zip because it is reliable, unbreakable and convenient.

As for the fabric, the elasticity has also been softened, and when washed, the elasticity returns and it retains a stable shape.
Vintage sweatshirts and hoodies don't stretch well and feel stiff, but at DEVISE FACTORY we wanted something fluffier and softer.

In this way, the idea is not to completely recreate the period, but to retain the good details and textures of the past while creating a knit-like elegance and hand-knitted feel without being too close to the period.

Clothes that everyone can enjoy

DEVISE FACTORY started out with children's clothing and offers the comfort that only we can offer, as well as timeless designs that are appealing solely through the texture of the materials and the feel of the colors.

We also pay particular attention to the colors we dye, finding faded, dull colored clothes and accessories at second-hand clothing stores and antique import goods stores to use as color samples.

Our clothes are...
  • Comfortable loungewear for everyday use with your family.
  • Pair it with denim for a stylish look.
  • With a texture similar to quality knitwear, it's perfect for special occasions with your loved ones.
T-shirts and sweatshirts have a casual image, but the clothes we make combine the elegance of hand-knitted sweaters, so they can be worn beautifully by people of all ages and genders in all situations.


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Born in Osaka. Started his career in warehouse management at a major apparel company. After that, worked in sales for a children's clothing brand, and founded DEVISE FACTORY in 2002. 
Hobby: Watching boxing

Born in Osaka. Worked as a second-hand clothing buyer overseas. In 2002, participated in the founding of DEVISE FACTORY.
Hobbies: Cameras/Motorcycles

When we created a children's brand, our children were the inspiration for the clothes. They also helped with the shooting.