The origin of clothing making is Japanese children's clothing, which was once said to be the best quality in the world.

The origin of manufacturing may have been influenced by the clothes that founder Nakajima wore when he was 6 years old, almost half a century ago.
Around that time, my mother's sister owned a children's clothing store, so I often received Japanese children's clothing as gifts and wore them.

I later learned from the owner of a wholesaler who was a senior to me at work that the quality of children's clothing in Japan was the highest in the world at that time.
In the days before mass production, when there weren't many things available, it took a lot of time and effort to make a single item, resulting in a high-quality item that could be used for a long time.

Of course, Nakajima did not realize that he was wearing such high-quality clothes when he was a child, but later on, people around him told him that children's clothes at the time were incredibly durable and could be worn for a long time, so his brother's clothes were very durable. I also heard that it was customary in some families to wear hand-me-downs.

DEVISE FACTORY started as a children's clothing brand inspired by Japanese children's clothing, which does not deteriorate over time but rather looks cool and adds flavor to the clothes.

Although we now mainly sell clothes for adults, the durability and quality that comes from our founding as a children's clothing brand is reflected in our current clothing.

Clothing making that combines vintage and modernity

Device Factory's clothes are made using completely original recipes that combine vintage techniques from the 1950s and 1960s with modern techniques.

Co-founder Hayashi, a former used clothing buyer, has learned from his experience that vintage clothing has a unique surface feel, the way it rubs, fading, unevenness caused by the unevenness of the thread itself, and other aspects that are lost in modern manufacturing. By specifying the uneven cotton yarn count and combination, and knitting the fabric with an old-fashioned knitting machine, we recreate the unique atmosphere of the time.

In addition, we use techniques that are rarely seen in modern times, such as the sturdiness and thickness of reinforcement, which comes from an era when it was customary to use one item for a long time.

However, we are not trying to recreate everything from that time. We use parts that we think are better, even if they are modern.
For example, choose a double-opening type zipper because it is reliable, unbreakable, and convenient.
As for the fabric settings, vintage T-shirt fabrics are thin, but I wanted it to feel more solid in the hand, so I made it thicker. The elasticity has also been made softer, and when washed, the elasticity returns and it maintains a stable shape.

Vintage sweatshirts and hoodies don't stretch well and feel stiff, but at Device Factory, we wanted something fluffier and softer. The reason why the back side is not brushed and left as a loop is to maintain its softness.

In this way, the idea is not to completely reproduce the things of the time,
While cherishing the good details and textures of the past, we create a knit-like elegance and hand-knitted feel without being too close to that era.

Clothes that you can enjoy changing over time while creating family memories

DEVISE FACTORY started by making durable clothes that you would want your children to wear.

The photo below is a sweatshirt that was actually worn by three siblings, from my eldest daughter to my second daughter and my eldest son, for a total of 16 years. Warm clothes that create memories with your family while getting hand-me-down clothes.
The more you wear it, the more it adapts to your body, and you can grow it in your own way while enjoying the changes over time.

Click here to see a gallery of DF items that I have worn over the past 10 years.

Warm clothes that make you feel happy when you wear them

The fabric, knitted using a 100-year-old old loop knitting machine, is soft and fluffy, and the moment you put it on, it feels like you're being gently wrapped around you.
DEVISE FACTORY, which started with children's clothing, proposes timeless designs that are uniquely comfortable to wear, and that are appealing just by the texture of the materials and the texture of the colors.

I'm also very particular about the colors I dye, and I find faded, dull-colored clothes and accessories at second-hand clothing stores and antique imported goods stores to use as color samples.

Since it is piece-dyed, the key is to choose colors that are not too Japanese-style, and also to look for colors from Europe that look nice, and if I feel like a good color, I incorporate it from clothes, accessories, or anything else.

DEVISE FACTORY's clothes are

  • As loungewear that you can wear comfortably every day with your family. You can also go out as casual wear...
  • Look great when you go out with denim.
  • With a texture like high-quality knit, it's perfect for special days with your loved ones.

T-shirts and sweatshirts have a casual image, but the clothes we make combine the elegance of hand-knitted sweaters, so they can be worn by men and women of all ages and in any situation.

Please also read the DF STORY from DF's founding to the present!

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Born in Osaka. Started his career in warehouse management for a major apparel company. After that, after working in sales for a children's clothing brand, he founded DEVISE FACTORY in 2002. original brand" DEVISE FACTORY”.
Hobby: Watching boxing

Born in Osaka. As a second-hand clothes buyer, I make purchases overseas. In 2002, participated in the founding of DEVISE FACTORY.
Hobbies: Camera/motorcycle