Clothes making at DEVISE FACTORY

The company was founded in November 2002 after Nakajima, a salesman for a children's clothing manufacturer, and Hayashi, a second-hand clothing store buyer, met. Specializing in T-shirts and sweatshirts, the two of them have been making carefully selected clothes for 21 years.

Initially, we started as a children's clothing brand, ``CLASSIC HARVEST,'' with the theme of creating durable, soft-touch clothes that you would want your children to wear.

Using a rare old-fashioned loop knitting machine, I pursued ease of wearing by having my own children wear it.
Since we started as a children's clothing brand, we have created the "ultimate comfort" unique to our company.
The company's DNA has remained unchanged even now, as ``DEVISE FACTORY,'' its main focus has been on clothes for adults.

We create unique products that are a unique mix of three cultures: comfort born from the delicacy unique to Japan, details and durability from USA vintage, and expressions and colors of European vintage fabrics.

DEVISE FACTORY's T-shirts and sweatshirts can be worn elegantly by children, adults, and the elderly.