DF Story 2 Planning is difficult

D F ストーリー 2 企画は難しい

On November 1, 2002, we started as a two-man children's clothing manufacturer, "HARVEST TIME"!
The concept of making clothes is "simple and strong clothes with atmosphere"
However, although they both started a brand, they had no planning experience! smile
Originally, I only had experience in warehousing and sales, and my partner had experience in over-the-counter sales and buying used clothes overseas.
I can't even draw design drawings, so how do I design? It was a start from here. (Sweat)
At that time, I had two daughters in kindergarten, so I imagined the clothes I wanted them to wear, and the items were mainly for girls.
Hard buddy and girl item! Lol Even if you have an imagination, it is difficult to easily make a plan.
I couldn't do it. (Sweat) Suddenly, I hit a wall of difficulty in manufacturing.
Did you know that you were suffering? At about the same time, a designer from a company that helped me in my previous job said,
He visited our office and said, "If you don't have the desire to make good things, you can't make good things."
Then he took out a child's clothes from his bag, handed it to me and left.
While looking at the children's clothes I received
I was looking at the 1 children's clothes I received.