We will introduce the clothes actually worn by our staff and customers, along with the background to their creation. We produce fabrics and prints that change beautifully the longer they are worn.

Completely original fabric

By carefully knitting on rare, old-fashioned hanging knitting machines, we create fabric that can withstand years of wear.
Modern machines can knit about 25 meters per hour, but the old fashioned machines that we use take about 1 meter per hour. Although this is inefficient, taking the time allows us to produce high-quality fabric.

Furthermore, DEVISE FACTORY uses a unique knitting method developed through years of trial and error, as well as a combination of thick and normal threads, resulting in a completely original fabric composition that ages beautifully with repeated wear.

Ingenuity in changing prints

In order to allow the print to age, our craftsmen adjust the solvent, deliberately reducing the adhesive power, and also play around with the amount of water, the degree of penetration, and the amount of pressure used when printing.
It is common for prints to not come off or fade, but at DEVISE FACTORY we believe that the beauty of unevenness and imperfection is what creates an original look.
By changing the print over the years, it doesn't look mechanical, and the print will become more familiar with the passage of time. Rather, the print will change with wear, giving it a warm texture that reflects the journey you've taken so far.


All items have been worn for around 10 years, but they are resistant to pilling and fading, so they don't look cheap and can still be worn.

The T-shirt worn by three siblings for 12 years

Although the colors have changed due to sun exposure, the fabric itself is durable and does not wear out; rather, they have taken on a unique look.


The denim worn by three siblings over a decade

The hoodie worn for 9 years
While maintaining its beautiful green color, it has been transformed into a parka with a more tasteful feel.

The sweatshirt worn for 9 years
It is pill-free and retains its luster, giving it an elegant appearance.



The T-shirt worn for 13 years.
The one on the left was worn by the three siblings over a period of 12 years, and the one on the right was worn by their mother as a matching pair during that time.

The long-sleeved T-shirt with print worn for 9 years

It is giving it a vintage feel, but because the fabric as a whole is still fresh, it doesn't look dated and still retains its elegance.

The sweatshirt worn for 10 years