When the brand was first launched in 2002, Nakajima brought his six- and four-year-old daughters along to model for photographs. His eldest daughter loved the experience, and was all smiles throughout the entire photo session, but his younger daughter became ill-tempered and had a tantrum less than ten minutes after shooting started. Nakajima would give sweets to his daughters as a form of payment for the photo shoot.
The younger daughter was given these sweets to make her happy during the session. Hayashi has been in charge of photography since then.

Here are some items of clothing that have actually been worn by staff and customers. These items have been worn for six to over ten years, but they can still be worn while enjoying how they have changed over time.

T-shirt worn for over 13 years by three siblings

Denim worn for over 10 years by three siblings

Sweatshirt worn for over 10 years

Hoodie worn for over 10 years

T-shirt worn for over 6 years

T-shirt worn for over 11 years