DF Story 9 Durable Clothing

D F ストーリー 9 丈夫な服

About 20 years of continuous commitment to fabrics. "Durable clothes with atmosphere" "Unlikely texture"
When I think about it now, the clothes I wore when I was in kindergarten and elementary school have an image somewhere in my head.
Maybe it's still there, and maybe you're shaping that image with your partner as DEVISE FACTORY?
Sometimes I think so.
The clothes I wore at that time were black, brown, dark green (dark color lol), and sometimes,
I vaguely remember it as lavender (grayish purple).
The fabric was solid, and even if the clothes were out of size, they were not thrown away immediately, and were passed around to siblings, relatives, and neighbors.
In terms of time, compared to the present age,
It was an era when things weren't overflowing, so I think I used one thing with care for as long as possible.
Such clothes have become good taste after many years, and they are "clothes that can not be thrown away" (clothes with atmosphere),
It will change.
"Durable fabric" is the base of clothes that are suitable for such times.
If you knit it properly, slowly and correctly, you will get a strong and good fabric.

It's the exact opposite of what we're talking about now (laughs).