DF Story 10. Fabric development

DFストーリー 10. 生地開発

At the beginning of the company and even now, when we have a meeting about fabrics, I first ask my partner, "Do you know the texture like this?"
I try to tell them by showing them actual second-hand clothing samples with difficult-to-understand nuances (laughs).
My partner also asks, "Is this what it is?" "How about this?"
Bring it in and serve it warmly.
However, because I feel too much and convey it in an incomprehensible way,
Sometimes, "I don't understand what you're saying", "I don't understand", or sometimes, "Do you understand!"
Sometimes I let you push alone. lol sorry
As an aside, for some reason, my partner has a lot of friendships with people who are one rank above him, and he is the "leader of the deerskin industry" and "an influential figure in Indian jewelry."
There are exchanges with people such as "the heavyweights of the western industry". At first glance, it doesn't seem to have anything to do with clothes, but everyone is involved in making things.
I think that he is teaching his partner tips on manufacturing.
Although he is retired now, he had a close relationship with "a heavyweight in the textile industry." That person has devoted his life to fabric development for a long time.
At that time, he had already reached his 60th birthday, so he was an individual consultant for fabric development for multiple apparel companies.
At the time of founding, he called the office to his partner and said, "How is it?"
I was the second person to come to your office. (The first person is a former designer)
"What kind of fabric do you want to make?"
In addition, I had a lot of consultations, and my partner was desperately taking notes.
After that, I was taught various things at the office many times.
The recipe from that time is the basis of the current dough.