DF Story 8 Loop Knitting Machine

D F ストーリー 8 吊編み機

DEVISE FACTORY is a small manufacturer run by two people.
With the cooperation of various people, we can make special orders from yarn, and we can make original fabrics.
Since the establishment of the brand, our goal has been to create “durable clothes with atmosphere”.
It is now made on old knitting machines in China and Japan.
Tompkin in China, loop knitting machine in Japan.
What do you say to the team that makes the fabric for DF in China?
They are more Japanese than Japanese people, and they are making the best fabrics!
It is not China to make cheaply like a decade ago, and now,
Both China and Japan have become economies that are no different (or more).
Of course, there is nothing better than producing in Japan,
Basically, DEVISE FACTORY was able to make it in any country in the world as long as it was good.

What is important to us is
It is to create “clothes that can be passed down to the next generation, clothes that you do not think about throwing away”.
These are clothes that I have worn for about 10 years. ↓