DF Story 11 Blueprint

D F ストーリー 11 設計図

There are many important things in making clothes, but among them is the work of patterns.
A pattern is a blueprint or pattern for making clothes. who designs the pattern
Without it, no matter how good the designs and fabrics are, the perfect clothes will not be completed.
Beautiful shapes and comfort are all born from patterns.
Design what you said. I think it's a really difficult job.
To the patterners who have been with us for more than 20 years
I make requests, but every time, "I think it's better to do this" or something like that
"Sora, akan akan" lol "Honda, this is good" Especially when it comes to women's patterns, most of the patterns are made by pattern makers.
I'm fixing it with advice and shaping it. When the actual product is delivered to the customer, they say, "This shape is really good!"

I think everyone has their own way of thinking and doing things, but I think it's important not only to be particular about the fabric, but also to be particular about the pattern, dyeing, and printing.