DF Story 12 Original Thread

D F ストーリー 12 オリジナルの糸

To make the fabric, you first select the thread. The fabric store and my partner have many meetings to decide which thread to knit and how to knit.
The standard hoodie that DEVISE FACTORY has been making for 16 years is also made in the same way.
Now that I think about it, I was lucky to come across the thread that is used for the classic hoodie.
Shortly after the company was founded, I heard that there was a company named ◎◎ who was developing good threads that could make good fabrics.
At the time, there were many apparel makers who wanted to meet him for business, and it was so popular that it took half a year to make an appointment!
"I want to make fabric with that thread", "It takes half a year to make an appointment?"
But I looked up the address of my partner and his company, and said, "Tomorrow, let's go to ○○ Spinning!"
Buddy: "??!!"
"Hmm, let's go for now."
Arrive at the nearest station first thing in the morning. Meeting at McDonald's in front of the station (how to jump in? lol)
I jumped in and after talking with my partner, "If you guide me to the reception room, I'll break through the first barrier."
I knew the company immediately. "It's a big company." A brick wall, a gate? It felt like a big factory, but far from flinching, I didn't know where to enter and before I knew it, I was inside the premises. smile
For the time being, there was an entrance that looked like an iron gate, so I immediately saw a place that looked like a business office where people were likely to be. LOL
I opened the door! "Excuse me ИД∥И, we ш▼ИИ○∥" I chewed from beginning to end. (Bitter) The meeting at McDonald's is completely meaningless (laughs)
At that time, I realized that about 20 employees were looking at the two of us at the same time. (Sweat)
When the company was in the "scene", a woman came to us and guided us to a different place, saying, "Please come here for now."
"Lucky!" At that time, it took half a year to make an appointment, but suddenly I visited the company,
And bite. I was prepared to pay at the gate, so I was really lucky!
After 10 or 20 minutes, no one came, and my partner said, "Mr.
We exchanged words like "I see," and since we had time, we even practiced exchanging business cards. (Laughter!)
At that point, I was no longer nervous.