DF Story 18 Special print

D F ストーリー 18 こだわりのプリント

In fact, it is an original sweatshirt that has been worn repeatedly for seven years.

If you are particular about the fabric, you will also be particular about the dye color and printing method. For example, if you do not pay attention to the printing method alone, the printed part will stand out strangely.
The print shop that prints DF has extremely high quality printing techniques.
My first encounter (reunion) with the print shop was at a local gas station that my partner happened to visit shortly after the business was established.
The print shop was someone I had worked for in my previous job, and I hadn't even been in contact with them since I started my own business.
While my partner was filling up his car with gas, the print shop owner said, "Mr. H! What are you doing? Out here? It's been a while."
Partner: "Wow, President! It's been a while!"
Print shop owner: "Mr. H, you have your own brand, right?"
Partner: "Yes! That's right, it takes two of us to do it! It's really hard work!"
Print shop owner: "What? That's so cold! Come over to my place and let me know what you think."
After that, he gave me advice on various things, and through that connection I ended up asking him to print something, and that's how we've continued to do business together to this day.

For each printing request, my partner visits the site to hold discussions, and the more they print, the more their skills improve and they are able to meet our requests.
It's a printing technique that allows the garment to age beautifully the more it is worn and washed.
Every time I come home with the printed prints, the first thing my partner says is, "Oh, no, they look pretty good this time too!" (laughs).

Top: New

Bottom row: worn for 3 years