DF Story 17 Original Denim

D F ストーリー 17 オリジナルデニム

2006 original denim brand new

Original denim worn by 3 brothers in 13 years

About 20 years ago, I bought denim for my daughter who was 2 years old at the time. The price is about 30,000 yen (sweat) When I got home and showed it to my wife, she was angry with me, saying, "30,000 yen for a child!?" (smile)
But that denim was really cool!
If you talk like that to your partner,
"We also want to make cool denim!"
I "Can you make cool denim?"
Partner "If you have good fabrics, I think you can probably make it!"
Buddy: "As for denim, Kojima is good, so I'll ask 〇〇 shop once!" (Hurry up)
Immediately after that, I was introduced to a factory, and after a few days, I decided to go to Kojima, Okayama Prefecture!
Since denim is my partner's specialty, the meeting with the factory went smoothly. "I want to make it with this kind of fabric." "Can you make it like this?"
I didn't know anything about denim, so I was just listening to it (sweat).
My partner said, "I think it's better not to process it from the beginning, but to wear it as you wear it. If there's a fabric with a nice atmosphere that doesn't need to be processed, it's just cool." did. The denim was worn by three of my children, the eldest daughter was one-washed, the second daughter was a slightly processed denim, and the last eldest son was a very nice denim.

I'm not making denim right now, but I'm thinking about making denim for adults!