DF Story 17 Original Denim

D F ストーリー 17 オリジナルデニム

Original denim made in 2006, brand new

Original denim worn by the three brothers over the last 13 years

About 20 years ago, I bought a pair of jeans for my daughter who was 2 years old at the time. The price was about 30,000 yen (lol). When I got home and showed it to my wife, she got angry at me, saying, "30,000 yen for a child!?" (lol)
But the denim was really cool!
If you talk about that with your partner...
"We also want to make cool denim!" he said.
Me: "Can you make some cool denim?"
Partner: "If I had the right fabric, I think I could probably make it!"
My partner said, "For denim, Kojima is the best place, so I'll ask at XX store!" and immediately consulted with the fabric store that I used to work at. (Quick)
I was soon introduced to a factory and a few days later I headed to Kojima, Okayama Prefecture!
Denim is my partner's specialty, so the meeting with the factory went smoothly. "I want to make it with this kind of fabric." "Can you make it with this specification?" "Hidden rivets..." "Stitching color..."
I don't know anything about denim so I just listened to what he said.
At the time, the children's clothing industry was seeing a rise in processed denim, but this denim was produced using a one-wash method without any processing.

My partner thought, "I think it's better not to process it from the start, but to let it develop a nice look as you wear it. If you can find a fabric that has a nice feel that doesn't need to be processed, it will look cool just like that."

Those jeans were worn by all three of my children: my eldest daughter had them one-wash, my second daughter had them slightly processed, and my last son had them in a really nicely distressed style.

I'm not making denim at the moment, but I'm thinking about making denim for adults!