Five or six years after our founding, we once made shoes (boots). The reason for making boots
It was from a place that had nothing to do with the apparel industry.
One of my brother's acquaintances was a Japanese person (Mr. T) who lived in Mexico.
A person who works has brought Mexican boxers to Japan many times to participate in boxing matches held in Japan.
At that time, I had the opportunity to be introduced to him by my younger brother, and we started to get to know each other.
Occasionally, I ate when I had free time.
At that time, Mr. T said, "Brother, you are working on clothes, aren't you?"
Me: “Yes, that’s right.
Mr. T "Are you interested in leather boots?"
Me: "Is it leather?"
Mr. T: “Yes, these boots are made by hand in Mexico. The cut and the joints are all done by hand.”
In addition, the soles used for the boots are made from used car tires.
I was given an explanation.
At that time, I was very interested in "manufacturing by hand", so I asked Mr. T, "Can you confirm what kind of boots they are?"
I heard.
Then, Mr. T said, "I will come to Japan in a few months, so I will show you at that time."
A few months later, Mr. T showed me his "boots made by hand". More than I imagined, the boots are a tasteful gem
The moment I saw it, I thought, "I want to make one!"
I thought, "If it weren't for these beads, it would be better." I ordered it on the spot.