DF Story 21 A classic hoodie that has been making for 13 years

D F ストーリー 21 13年前から作り続ける定番パーカー

DF's classic ZIP hoodie has been made for over 10 years. It looks like a simple classic hoodie, but it has fine details.
I am particular about it. The reason why the standard hoodie was born was from the idea of ​​my partner, who was also an outdoor wear enthusiast at the time.
Nowadays, outdoor wear has become established as street wear and is in the middle of the trend, but at that time it was still used for mountain climbing? It was clothes that left an impression.
At that time, my buddy often took me to look at outdoor wear, but the store I went to was not a select shop but a sports retail store.
My partner has knowledge of the fine details of outdoor wear, and he explained it to me well.
"This part of the collar stops the wind in this situation..." or "This mountain parka can withstand 1,500 mm of rain..."
He tried his best to explain, but it didn't resonate with me at the time. (Laughs) Because the content was for people who are serious about climbing. (smile)
One of the details that such a buddy got a hint from the functionality of outdoor wear and dropped it into the standard hoodie of today is the high neck part.
“Would you like to use the details of a mountain parka on the neck of a parka made of this fabric?”
“The other important thing is the angle of the high neck when the zip is closed.”
“Since it is made of soft fabric, I would like to make the underarm silhouette look neater. Even if you wear a down vest from above, it should look good and be comfortable to wear.”
The current classic hoodie was completed with a proposal from such a partner.