DF Story 22 Dough made by three generations

D F ストーリー 22 親子3代で作る生地

Even in Japan, we use loop knitting machines to make fabrics. The fabric shop is made by three generations of parents and children.
DF has been using the same fabric for more than 10 years, and my partner always visits the site once every six months to have a meeting.
Every time I go to a meeting, I always say, "Wow, that's really amazing. M-san has a lot of rare and good fabrics!"
"I learned a lot today, too." "I think I can make even better fabrics." (smile)
A partner who has requested the same fabric for over 10 years and reports almost the same reaction every time. (Laughs) A formidable inquisitive mind.
The fabric made there has different characteristics from the main fabric made in China.
The dough recipe was created after more than 10 years of meetings between my partner and the fabric shop.
“A slightly shiny, elegant and supple fabric like British high-end knitwear! ] ← Such a thing, he said well.
"I really like high-end British knitwear, but I can't wash it normally, and if I accidentally scratch the fabric, I have to send it in for repair, which takes a lot of care and time. ."
"That's why it would be nice to have clothes that can be washed normally, don't worry about maintenance, and can be worn like high-end knitwear."
The fabric that was created by conveying such thoughts to the fabric shop has become a popular fabric for both men and women.