DF Story 23 Classic Patchwork Hoodie

D F ストーリー 23 定番パッチワークパーカー

One day, I was alone in a second-hand clothing store in Tokyo.
I usually go around the store with my buddy and look at the clothes and talk about this and that.
I happened to be alone that day.
I found a half coat at my favorite second-hand clothing store.
I thought, "Oh, this is unreasonable," and when I saw other clothes in the store, I was so curious that I would go back to see that half coat again.
While looking at the old coat many times, I wondered if I could make a hoodie with DF fabric, imagining the part that was remade with patchwork. I thought,
Go outside and call your buddy.
I said, "Well, I have a remade coat right now." My partner said, "Yes."
I ``Can you imagine making a hoodie with our fabric by looking at the remade part of that old coat?'' Partner ``???''
Me: “Can you imagine remaking it with patchwork using our black or heather fabric?”
I said, "Okay. I'll buy it and return it, so please see the actual product and imagine it and make it once."
Half forcibly, I went back to Osaka with an unreasonable request, ``Please make it with an image somehow.''
After that, my partner who saw the actual item nodded, "Yeah, yeah, yeah," and thought, "Hmm," and stared at the clothes. Then I started writing something on paper
A few days later, I thought of a patchwork combination and completed the hoodie.
The parka is still deployed as a standard.