DF Story 25 First office

D F ストーリー 25 初めての事務所

When we founded the company, we had to find an office that would serve as our starting point.
At that time, when I was thinking, "Where should I look for an office?"
I received a phone call from the president of a customer who was indebted to me at my previous job at an apparel company.
G President “Every time!
I: "Every time. It hasn't been decided yet."
G President "Well, if it's good for us, we have an empty house we own, but would you like to use it?"
I: “Eh, is it true?
G President "Yeah. It's a small place, but for the time being, you can use it until you find it. The rent is good, and you can find it in about 2-3 months, right?"
I: “Yes, thank you very much!
With the help of President G, we rented a 5-tsubo room, and it was the first office for my partner and I.
Not only did he provide us with an office, but also the store that was run by President G himself
After the products were placed, we received various information and opinions, such as "Should we have a meeting?" once a month.
I was planning to leave the office in 2-3 months, but I was indebted for 3 years. (smile)