DF Story 26 Making a leather jacket

D F ストーリー 26 革ジャン作成

Originally, it all started when my partner, who loves leather, said, "I want to make a leather jacket!"
Buddy "I want to make a leather jacket!"
Me: “Leather jacket? Child size?”
Buddy "Yes! I'd like to do some adult sizes too."
Me: “What kind of leather jacket is that?”
Partner "You want to make it with deerskin."
Me "Deerskin??"
At that time, even if I heard deerskin, it did not come to mind.
In my head I thought, 'You've heard of Deerskin. But I don't know the details
When I asked my partner, "What is deerskin?"
My partner said, "It's the king of leather! It's smooth, soft and the best."
Partner "There is a company famous for deerskin, would you like to go?"
I "Let's go"
Act as soon as you think about it! Another dive business without an appointment! (smile)
At that time, I was also lucky enough to meet Mr.
My partner brought his own deerskin collection to tell him how much he loves leather and wants to make an original leather jacket.
I made a presentation to the president.
I was surprised to hear that my partner had a lot of passion for leather.
At that time, I thought, "Well, I think I can make a leather jacket."
After several meetings, the leather jacket was completed.
We are not producing it now, but we are currently thinking about it because there are requests for reproduction as well as denim.
The children's leather jacket that my partner made at that time was used by my three children and is now on display at the store after being sized out.
I made one leather jacket for myself and one for my wife.

KIDS Leather Riders JK Made in 2007 Worn for 10 years

MENS Leather JK Made in 2007 Worn for 12 years