DF Story 31 Property Search 2

D F ストーリー 31 物件探し 2

It's been two years since I started looking for properties.
On that day, I happened to be out with my partner.
It was when I got on my buddy's motorcycle and went around several places.
I said, "Could you go around the park for a minute?"
Buddy: "Okay."
At that time, the season was winter. It was my first time riding on the back of a motorcycle. (No interest in motorcycles)
Anyway, it was cold to ride, and it was painful to have to hold on tightly. (smile)
It was when I was running on the north side of the park. A tenant whose shutters are closed in my eyes!
Somehow I thought, "This place might be good!" I've been looking for properties for two years, but this was the first time I felt this way.
I was riding on the back of the motorcycle and called out to my partner, "Stop!"
I can't hear your voice. From behind, I yelled again , "Stop!"
I had my bike parked and went to see the tenant. Because there was no notice for tenant recruitment
I immediately called a friend of mine who works in a real estate company. Tell the address, is the shutter closed on holiday? Vacant tenant?
I decided to check it out!
Immediately, I got a call back from the friend saying, "It looks like you've been free recently. It looks like you've got a few inquiries. What should you do?
I immediately replied, "Okay."
That day marked the start of our new office and store.