DF Story 32 Traveling to Hiroshima for store design

D F ストーリー 32 店舗デザインを依頼に広島まで

The location of the new office and store was also decided, and I headed to a store in Hiroshima Prefecture.
That shop was my favorite clothing store that I always went to when I went on a business trip to Hiroshima.
Anyway, it was a cool shop, and I was particular about the details, not to mention the interior and exterior.
I want to ask the person who made the shop to design and build the new office!
I thought so, so I asked the owner.
"Excuse me, I'm planning to open an office and store in Osaka. Could you tell me who designed and built this store?"
Then, the owner smiled and immediately gave me a pleasant reply, "It's okay!" Yosher!
I soon found out that the store was not only a clothing store, but also a store design office.
The store was designed by the owner himself. (I didn't know that at all)
As I am doing everything from store design to construction as part of my work, the subsequent arrangements went smoothly.
After conveying the image of what kind of shop you want to make, the owner himself will go to the site in Osaka, check the property,
I'm going to have you create an image of the design design.