DF Story 30 Property Search 1

D F ストーリー 30 物件探し1

About three years have passed since I moved to an empty house as an office, thanks to the arrangement of the president of a customer who was indebted to me during my previous job at an apparel company.
At first, I was planning to leave the empty house in about 3 months! (sorry )
G President "What do you guys think? Can we find an office soon?"
DF: "Excuse me. Please wait a moment."
At that time, rather than where to rent an office, for some reason I had a strong image of a store and office.
When I found time, I walked around all day looking for a property, but I couldn't find it easily.
For some time now, I've been telling my partner, "Rather than renting a room in a building that's normally accessible, I'd like to rent a small store/office on the ground, even if it's a little far away."
Because I'm imagining it."
After that, if I had time, I was looking for a property.