DF Story 33 Store Design

D F ストーリー 33 店舗デザイン

Meetings on the design of the new office and store went smoothly, even though they were far away from Hiroshima and Osaka.
For the exterior, each brick tile is pasted, painted white, and sanded and stained.
I was excited just by looking at the design drawing of the exterior image.
It is worth noting that the craftsmen always apply staining and aging (of course, by hand) to the finishing of all parts of the interior and exterior.
It's the same as the clothes we want to make, something with an atmosphere and taste. A space where you can enjoy aging as you use it.

Scaffolding boards are used for floors, shelves, fixtures, etc., and wood that has actually been used at construction sites for many years is reused.
It is not just reused, but the craftsman will finish it by shaking the paint for the final finish.
Anyway, something good to spend time and effort on!
We did what we could do, such as painting, but the craftsman said, "It's okay, please leave it to me!" (smile)
Gradually, the interior and exterior were gradually completed according to the design drawing.
Many times a day, I asked my partner, "Hey, didn't you make it just like the image of the design drawing?"
My buddy replied, "Yeah, that's really nice! It's just like the design drawing!"
This exchange was repeated every day.