muscle man

About 10 years ago, a muscle man called Mr. Itani came to our store. At the moment I saw it, I thought (I'm doing martial arts). smile
But he greeted me with a smile and politely. I wonder if I've met you somewhere before? I remember talking with him for about two hours.
Mr. Itani said that he likes things that are durable, and he likes things that have taste. (As expected laughter)
What left an impression on me during that conversation was

Mr. Itani said, “I was seriously injured and ended my career as an athlete, so from now on I want to make use of my experience to create a training gym! 』

I said, "Is that so! It's unreasonable! ! 』

Mr. Itani: “Yes. When I was in the third year of junior high school, I only weighed 38kg, and I trained with all my heart to become stronger. I built this body and became able to do martial arts, but I got seriously injured during practice.”

I remember feeling indescribable when I saw Mr. Itani talking so passionately.

Conversation continued.

Itani: I want to train and teach in my favorite sweatshirts and T-shirts, like the scene in the Rocky movie where Sylvester Stallone runs in sweatshirts! 』

I said, "That's nice, I hope I can make one someday! 』

Of course, I have seen the movie Rocky many times. smile
So the image came to my mind right away, and the conversation became more and more exciting.
I still wear the T-shirt I bought at that time.

Ten years have passed since then, and a collaboration T-shirt with Mr. Itani has been completed!
The judo throwing techniques in the printed part were drawn by Mr. Itani himself.

Mr. Itani has also published a training book. It's very informative and interesting. Recently, the uneasy situation continues, but I feel that the content that could be a hint at times like this is written. The way I work may change from now on, and I think I will spend more time at home. That's why I think it's good to wear comfortable and relaxing clothes for work and muscle training!