80 year old customer

The other day, an 80-year-old female customer came to the shop.
I've been coming to the store several times a year for about 8 years, and I'm always with my husband and daughter.

"I want to wear T-shirts and sweatshirts elegantly even when I'm old. 』
"I love sweaters too, but I can't help but get hairballs."
"I want to wear something that makes me feel good"
“In the past, there were many good and durable clothes. "When,

A gray-haired grandmother with a beautiful posture even at the age of 80. I am persuasive in what I say. The color I always choose is WHITE. Both T-shirts and sweatshirts are WHITE. Gray sometimes. Looking at the KIDS display, I thought, “This is great! Cute, cute,” he calls over and over again.
When I brought two of those displays to my gray-haired grandmother, she picked them up and said, "It's really cute! pretty! ’ and will be overjoyed.

She loves clothes, and 35 years ago, when her daughter was in elementary school, she wore BEBE clothes and boots imported from England. It seems that BEBE's clothes from that time are still in the drawer.

Hearing that story again made us want to make durable and nice clothes that can be worn for as long as possible! !
Clothes that you don't throw away as much as possible, children's clothes, clothes that are inherited from older brothers to younger brothers and sisters.
We are currently planning a project to transform ourselves and our children's clothes that have been worn for 10 years, clothes that have a nice faded atmosphere, into DF's original small stuffed animals. I'm still undecided, but from now on, I'll just create it. smile