80 year old customer


The other day, an 80-year-old woman came into our store.
She has been coming to our store several times a year for the past 12 years, and is always accompanied by her husband and daughter. There is one thing she always says when she comes.

"Even as I get older, I want to wear T-shirts and sweatshirts with elegance."
"I love sweaters, but they always end up pilling."
"I want to wear something that feels good"
"In the old days, there were many good, durable clothes."

Even though she's 80 years old, she's a white-haired grandma with good posture. What she says is persuasive. She always chooses white for her T-shirts and sweatshirts. Sometimes she chooses gray.
Then, when she sees the kids' items displayed in the store, she repeatedly says, "This is great! So cute!"

He loves clothes, and 35 years ago, when his daughter was in elementary school, he dressed Bebe in boots imported from England. Bebe's clothes from that time are still stored in his dresser.

Hearing that story once again made me realise that we too want to make strong, beautiful clothes that can be worn for a long time!!
Clothes that are unlikely to be thrown away, clothes that can be passed down from parent to child, from older brother to younger brother and sister.

We are currently planning a project to transform clothes that have been worn for over 10 years, with a nice faded look, into small DF original stuffed animals.
It's still undecided, but I'll just speculate.