dye factory

The final stage of completing the product is the work at the dyeing factory. As the name suggests, it is a secondary process of dyeing and washing. After that, it is arranged in a dryer and neatly folded. In particular, dyeing is a very important process. It would be great if we were particular about the materials and dyed the product in a nice color at the end. During the season, with the approval of the president of the dyeing factory, my partner and I may enter the dyeing factory early in the morning and work. When I say work, I put the dyed products in the tumbler dryer and wrap them in a tatami mat, which is quite difficult. (Laughs) Especially in the summer, I am always amazed at how skillfully the female staff members fold their clothes in the extremely hot weather. Finishing clothes in such a hot place, how difficult it is to fold them! (bitter smile) It's really hard. But by working in the factory from early in the morning, I can understand the important things. It is to be able to confirm the finish of the clothes at the time first. The state of the product that can be felt by touching the product coming out of the dryer. You can check the product at the final stage before it is released to the world. Me: "This year's sweatshirt, it's more plump than usual." It is very interesting and has many interesting stories. There are many stories about how people who see and touch things with their own eyes understand the flow of the world more than manufacturers, in a sense, when they realize the changes in logistics that go in and out of factories every year.