Customers from Yokohama


A male customer came to the shop the other day.
I saw your face somewhere for a moment, but I can't remember. (Excuse me)

I: "Are you from nearby?"

Customer “No, I’m from Yokohama.

I said, "Oh, I remember!"

About 5 years ago, when I was nearby to watch a soccer game, I happened to find the store, and she came to the store wearing the clothes she had bought at that time. It's the happiest moment. This time, he came to Osaka for work, so he came during his free time.

Customer: “I only wear clothes from here!”

I "Really! I'm so happy! I'm really particular about the quality of cotton, the look of the fabric, and the texture."

Me: “By knitting the fabric slowly with an old machine, it has good breathability and is actually warm.

I'm out. (bitter smile) I was so happy, excited, and passionately conveyed my thoughts all at once. (suffering)
When I start talking like usual (wry smile), I get so excited that I don't even know what I was talking about. (bitter smile)
My partner occasionally points out, "I want to casually convey my commitment!" (Sweat)
But I can't tell you casually. (sweat sweat)
But I was happy! That's all.
At the end, when the customer was leaving, I said ``I'm so happy and excited.''
Then the customer said, "I was excited too!" (Baku) The customer chose a white and light blue sweatshirt.
thank you very much!