Customers from Yokohama


The other day, a male customer came into our store.

Me: "Are you from nearby?"

Customer: "No, I'm from Yokohama. I've been here once before and ordered something online before. I also have relatives nearby."

Me: “I remembered!”

About five years ago, he came to the store wearing the clothes he had bought there when he was in the area to watch a soccer game. It was the happiest moment for me. This time, he was in Osaka for work and came to the store in his free time.

Customer: "I only wear clothes from here!"

Me: "Really? I'm so happy! I really love the quality of cotton, the look of the fabric, and the feel of it."

Me: "The fabric is slowly knitted using old machines, so it's breathable and actually quite warm. The warmth from body heat is very comfortable!"

I just blurted it out. (Bitter smile) I was so happy and excited that I just told my feelings to him in one go. (Bitter smile)
When I start talking like usual (bitter smile), I get so excited that I don't even know what I was talking about anymore (bitter smile).
My partner sometimes points out to me in a roundabout way, "You want to casually convey your preferences!" (laughs)
But I can't express it casually.
But I was happy!
As the customers were leaving, he greeted them by saying, "I'm so happy and excited."
Then, a customer said, "I was excited too!" (lol) The customer chose a white and light blue sweatshirt.
thank you very much!