Sample introduction event and behind the scenes of creation


It's 2020, and it's early January, isn't it?
Now is the time to introduce CLASSIC HARVEST 2020 S/S orders.
In recent years, we have set up a sample introduction event at our business partner SHOP.
Both of us visit there and explain the product and sell it directly to the customer.

I am happy to say that every shop has a lively conversation with customers, and they listen to more detailed and maniacal stories.
Rather exciting, it is fulfilling.
Sometimes I also talk with videos on Instagram live etc.

We are announcing the date and time of the visit on Instagram, so please check it out.

Among the samples introduced this season, there is a hoodie printed using the stencil method.
The stencil method is basically a thing that can be easily printed anywhere,
On top of the finished product, a wide range of designs are applied uniformly to some extent while giving a nice taste.
Among the requests such as
It's going to be the height of the hurdle in the middle of the day.
After many meetings with the young master of the print factory who has been with us for many years,
First create a mold

big, pretty

From there to actual work

Each individual, not all the same,
moderately uneven

I think that this uneven feeling is good.
It's a part of the back side of this season's sample creation, but it's made like this.
Please let me talk in detail when we meet at the sample introduction event.