Best after 9 years


A little while ago, a customer in the shop came to the store.
While looking at the products and chatting, the customer became my partner.

“Um, do you still have the vest?”

Buddy "Is the vest a native-patterned vest?"

When the customer said, "That's right!", he took out something from his bag.
What I took out of my bag was a native vest that was nicely done.

Customer: “I bought this vest nine years ago.

Buddy: “Are you serious?

Customer "That's right. In the end, my second son also ran out of size, so I gave it to my acquaintance's child because he could still wear it. I came to!"

Buddy: "Are you serious? I'm so happy! Did the four of you wear it and get the vest back?"

Customer "That's right. When I saw the vest that came back, I thought that there might be a vest in a size that my second son could wear, so I came to buy one today!"

At that time, unfortunately, we didn't have a size that we could handle, so the customer left the store saying, "Well, I'll come again."
“Clothes that last as long as possible and you never think about throwing them away! It was a happy event for us because we are making clothes while thinking.

At that time, while my partner was thinking about importing and selling authentic Ortiga vests for children, we decided to make them ourselves! It might be interesting to dye it after-dyeing it?” “The collar might be softer if it is made into a shawl collar.”