Best after 9 years


A little while ago, a customer came into our store.
While we were looking at the products and chatting, the customer
"Do you still have that vest?"

Partner: "Is the vest a native print vest?"

The customer said, "That's right!" and took something out of his bag.
What I took out of my bag was a nicely worn Native vest.

Customer: "I bought this vest nine years ago. My eldest son wore it, my eldest daughter wore it, and my second son wore it too."

Partner: "Seriously? It looks great."

Customer: "That's right. In fact, my second son eventually outgrew it, so I gave it to a friend's child who still had plenty of room to wear it, but then that friend's child also outgrew it, so they came back to return the vest!"

Partner: "Wow, seriously? That's great! All four of you wore it, and now you have the vest back in your hands?"

Customer: "That's right. When I got the vest back, I wondered if there was one in my second son's size, so I came here today to buy one!"

Unfortunately, we didn't have the size we needed at the time, so the customer left the store saying, "I'll come again."
We make clothes with the thought in mind, "Clothes that will last as long as possible and that we won't have to think about throwing away!", so this was a happy event for us.

This Native vest was created when a friend of mine was thinking about whether he could import and sell authentic Ortiga vests for children, and so he came up with the idea of ​​making it himself. He thought it would be interesting to turn our fabric inside out, print it and then dye it, and he also thought that a shawl collar might make the collar softer.