2 year old choose? ?


A customer came to the store yesterday. This customer has been with us for many years, and he himself loves clothes. My two-year-old granddaughter is also my grandma. On that day, the customer brought the clothes that the child had been wearing 30 years ago and the clothes that he had worn himself. When I looked at it, it was the clothes of the children's clothing company where I got a job and took care of me for the first time.

Me: “Wow, this is Mr. 〇E〇E’s clothes! The fabric is really nice!

Customer: "This is the clothes my daughter wore 30 years ago. It's sturdy, isn't it? It's still wearable and has a great atmosphere. Now, even fast fashion has quality that lasts for 10 years." It's supposed to be, but I think the fabric is different. Isn't it cool? Why?"

While listening to this story, I suddenly remembered the clothes I wore when I was in elementary school.

"Uwa, when I was in elementary school, I was wearing Mr. 〇E〇E all the time."

Now that I think about it, 30 years ago, Japanese children's clothing manufacturers were said to have the best quality in the world.
Of course, there are many good fabrics today, but the process of making them and the type of quality are different. I thought it might be.

In addition, my partner worked directly with American vintages from 40 to 50 years ago, which are now rare. It may have been normal to be strong and comfortable to wear.

The customer finished shopping and on the way home,

Customer: "Thank you again for today! Ah, my grandson is 2 years old, but when he was hanging out the laundry, he said, 'Please take my favorite clothes.' It seems strange! Why are you doing this? Two years old! ”

Me: “Really?