The sweat I wore for 10 years


We display our own sweatshirts that we have worn for 10 years and T-shirts for 6 to 7 years in the store, so that customers can see the changes over time. Recently, we have also been bringing the clothes to events. The reason we started displaying the clothes we have actually worn was when a customer who had been with us since the store opened came to visit .

About two years ago, a customer came into our store and said, "Hello!" The moment I saw the customer wearing our company's hoodie, I couldn't help but say to him, "That looks nice."

Me: "That hoodie looks really good."

Customer: "That's right. I bought this 10 years ago!"

Me: Has it been 10 years already?

Customer: "That's right. The color has changed a lot, but I still wear it."

It had a certain charm, and the clothes in the customer's colors looked fresh and wonderful, so

Me: "Can I borrow that hoodie again sometime?"

Customer: "Sure! I'll wash it and bring it to you!"

Me: "Thank you!"

After that, I showed the borrowed clothes to various customers in the store and the reaction was so good that I decided to display them there permanently.

We returned the hoodies to the customers and went to the store to look for clothes that my partner and his family had worn for many years. The way each person wears and washes the clothes changes the look of the clothes.

By the way, my buddy's sweatshirt that he's worn for 10 years is elegant, clean, and has a nice feel to it. My buddy's sweatshirt that I've worn for 10 years has a nice feel to it, so it's a bit of a problem (lol). My buddy will write about how to wash the elegant and clean sweatshirt that I've worn for 10 years on his blog, so please refer to it!

NAKAJIMA worn for 10 years

HAYASHI 10 years of wear