What we can learn from vintage


In the store part of the DEVISE FACTORY, there are various displays (not for sale) other than the company's own products for sale.
"Why? Are you displaying things that aren't for sale?"
What kind of things do we like and why are we making things like this ? Because I wanted to convey its background and meaning.
My partner and I have completely different tastes. (lol)
Sneakers, surfboards, posters, boxing gloves, Indian jewelry, Ortiga, vintage rugs, etc.
Although they are mixed, there is one thing that they have in common. It's about displaying things that I've actually used for decades and my favorite vintage items.
Our definition of vintage is age (laughs), so it's about 30 years old or more.

In vintage, the old-fashioned solid manufacturing is still visible in things even after decades. Modern manufacturing is the opposite way of making things.
The original material itself is completely different, and above all, the material has an atmosphere. Looking at vintage sneakers from 40 years ago sometimes gives me hints when making materials.
Although it is simple, it has presence and taste. "Why?"
I think it's because we put a lot of time and effort into making the basic material (fabric) for making things.
Learning from good old vintage,
“It is said that good results will be produced if the material is woven slowly and honestly.”
A good result is that "we can make a good product that is durable and has a good atmosphere."
"I can make good clothes that I don't have to throw away as much as possible!" smile And so on!
Of course, in this day and age, people have different ways of thinking and feeling about things, and there are many things that we are grateful for because of convenience.
At DEVISE FACTORY, I would like to learn how to make things from good old vintages and make clothes with good materials knitted with old knitting machines!