What we can learn from vintage


In the retail section of DEVISE FACTORY, in addition to the company's own products for sale, there are various other displays (not for sale).
This is because we want to convey the background and meaning behind what we like and how it is connected to our craftsmanship .

My partner and I have completely different tastes and interests. (laughs)

The clothes are a mixture of things we both like: sneakers, surfboards, posters, boxing gloves, Indian jewelry, Ortigas, vintage rugs... but there is one thing they have in common.
It's displaying items that I've actually used for decades as well as vintage pieces that I like.

Our definition of vintage is age, after all (laughs).
It's now from the 1980s or earlier.

Vintage sneakers still have the traditional, solid craftsmanship that has remained for decades. The manufacturing method is the polar opposite of modern manufacturing, so the original materials themselves are completely different, and more than anything, the materials have a certain atmosphere. Looking at vintage sneakers from 40 years ago can sometimes give you hints for creating materials.

It's simple, yet has presence and flavor. I think that's because the basic ingredients (dough) are carefully prepared with time and effort.

What we can learn from good old vintage items is that
"if you take the time to carefully and honestly weave the materials, you can create a good product."
A good product can be something that is durable and has a nice atmosphere, that is durable even after repeated wearing for many years, and allows you to enjoy the changes that occur over time, and that allows you to make clothes that last a long time by avoiding waste as much as possible !

Of course, in this day and age, people have different ways of thinking and feeling about things, and we are grateful for the convenience that has come with it.

DEVISE FACTORY aims to learn about manufacturing from the good old vintage world and create one-of-a-kind clothing using high-quality, carefully selected materials!