Toyama event


On December 14th and 15th, I went to Toyama Prefecture for a CLASSIC HARVEST sales event. This is the third time,
A lot of people came to the event!
Because it is a sales event based on the local trust of the wholesaler,
Every time I think that I have to make it an event that can live up to that trust.
This event is the wholesaler owner (male) and the two of us. It's a sales event with 3 old men. (smile)
For the whole two days, we kept talking. (smile)
My buddy was also explaining hot as usual. did i fly too much? Are you old?
After noon, the partner's battery may run out for a moment. (LOL)
My buddy, who is usually tongue-tied, suddenly has less words, less fluency, and suddenly smaller eyes. (LOL)
Finally, I hit my forehead against the door. (sigh)
Even so, the happy words I receive from customers about my products make my fatigue fly away.
The happiest thing is the words of customers who have actually worn it for several years. "It's really strong even after many washes."
, "It's comfortable," etc. It's also the moment when I think it's really good to be particular about the material.

On the last day, a dandy old man came to the store. Age is 70 years old.
She likes clothes and said, "I used to shop at Mr. Bond in Kobe."
Mr. Bond in Kobe is a long-established American-trad store that has been in business since the 1940s.
What surprised me was that when I tried to explain the features of the product and what I was particular about, the old man said, "This fabric is a sweatshirt, but something is wrong."
The old man started walking around the store and explained the product to me, saying, "I think you'll look good just by wearing this one." (LOL)
Instinctively, I answered, "He said most of what we wanted to say, but yes."
"I'm an amateur, so I can't say great things, but these clothes are gone now." . .
Then, the old man, as if he had decided from the beginning, quickly chose a white sweatshirt and a white sweatshirt from the store.
"Give me this," and bought it for me.
On the way home, "Are you coming to Toyama again?"
I replied, "I haven't decided yet, but I'd like to come if possible."
The old man laughed and said, ``I'll come again then,'' and went home.
So far, I have served three customers who are over 70 years old.