Event Travel


On December 14th and 15th, we went to Toyama Prefecture for a CLASSIC HARVEST sales event. This was our third time, and we had a lot of people come to the event!
I'm really thankful to you.
Since these sales events are held thanks to the trust of our wholesale clients in their local areas, I always feel the need to put on an event that lives up to that trust.

This event was just the two of us, the owner of our wholesaler, and three old guys. (laughs) We talked nonstop for two whole days. (laughs)
My partner was also explaining it enthusiastically as always. Was it too fast? Was it because of age?
After noon, my buddy's battery sometimes runs out for a moment. (laughs)
My normally talkative partner suddenly became less talkative, his speech became unclear, and his eyes suddenly became smaller. (LOL)
In the end, I hit my forehead on the door. (LOL)
Still, the kind words I receive from customers about my products make all my fatigue disappear.
What makes me happiest is hearing from customers who have actually worn our clothes for several years: "It's really durable even after repeated washing." "My three siblings all shared the same clothes."
, "It's comfortable to wear," etc.
It was also a moment when I realized how glad I was to have been so particular about the ingredients.

On the last day, a dandy old man, 70 years old, came to the store.
She likes clothes and said, "I used to go shopping at Mr. Bond in Kobe a lot."
Mister Bond in Kobe is a long-established American traditional shop that has been in business since the 1940s.
What surprised me was that when I tried to explain the features and attention to detail of the product, the old man said, "This fabric is sweatshirt, but it's really nice," and "You'll look good just wearing this one piece," and the old man started walking around the store and explaining the product to me. (laughs)
I couldn't help but reply, "You've said almost everything we wanted to say...yes."
"I'm just an amateur, so I can't say anything arrogant, but these kinds of clothes have disappeared now," she said.
Then, as if he had decided from the start, the old man quickly selected a white sweatshirt and a white sweatshirt hoodie from the store and purchased them, saying, "I'd like this."

On the way home, I asked, "Are you coming to Toyama again?"
I replied, "I haven't decided yet, but I'd like to come if possible."
The old man smiled and said, "I'll come again then," and left.
To date, I have served three customers who are over 70 years old.