Clothes that make you want to wear them once you touch them


In 2019, I went to various events and sales with my partner. In the past, we mainly did tours to explain our products to wholesalers, but recently we have been doing more tours to explain our products directly to our wholesalers' customers.
I get nervous every time and I'm not used to it. (laughs) But when customers come to the store for events, my partner and I just keep talking. (laughs) Before we knew it, it was already evening.
It was a similar event as always, but what was great was that I got to hear the real voices of our wholesalers and customers, as well as their impressions after wearing the items for several years after purchasing them, which was very helpful for my future work.
I'll be going somewhere in 2020 as well.

A staff member at one of our wholesale clients wrote in the event announcement:

"Once you touch it, you'll want to wear it."

"Once you wear it, you'll want it."

"Once you buy it, you'll want a different one," he wrote. (Thank you.)

In 2020, we will continue to create clothes that can better meet the expectations above .
In this age of cheap mass production and disposable clothing, it is important that we have clothes that are at least a little durable and look great, and can be worn by people of all ages, from children to adults, and even grandparents.

↑ That's what I'm aiming for.