Clothes that make you want to wear them once you touch them


In 2019, I went to various places with my partner for event sales. In the past, tours were focused on explaining products to wholesalers, but recently there have been more tours to explain products directly to customers of wholesalers.
Every time, I'm nervous and I'm not used to it. (bitter smile) But when a customer comes to the event, my partner and I keep talking (laughs) Before I knew it, it was evening.
It was always such an event, but above all, I was able to hear various opinions from wholesalers and customers in real life, and I was able to hear their impressions after wearing it for several years after purchasing it, and I was able to think about future production. It was great because I had a lot to do with it.
In 2020, we will go somewhere else.

A wholesaler's staff said in the text of the event announcement,

"Once you touch it, you'll want to wear it"

"Once you wear it, you'll want it"

"Once you buy it, you'll want something different," he wrote. (thank you.)

In 2020, we will continue to make clothes that meet the expectations of .
In an era when cheap mass production and disposable items are the norm, clothes that are a little durable and can be used by people of all ages, from children to adults, grandpas and grandmas, and look great.

↑ I'm aiming.