Things I do to keep my clothes looking good


The two sweatshirts in the photo were made in 2009 and 2010.
Ten years have passed.
As expected, the surface faded due to sunburn and washing,
The cuffs and hem ribs are loose.
However, as a whole, it does not collapse and expresses the passage of time with a good balance.
It looks like it's going to be bad, but it won't be.
It's like this.
The printed part of the hem is also cracked and remains.
It is a part that is conscious of the natural peeling condition due to long-term use.

You have a wide neck.
At this time, the XS size (160 cm) was positioned as a women's size, and was made with a wider neck than the original setting.
In the next few years, we will change to a unisex setting and expand the development of men's sizes.
Compared to the current standard sweatshirts, the length of the ribs is shorter, and the design of the print on the hem is changed every time,
The rib width of the neck is also narrow, isn't it?
This is the part that has undergone minor changes.
I'm going to think about that again.
HARVEST sweatshirts use thick thread, and the product is washed and finished with a full tumbler finish, so you can wear it without worrying about it and wash it repeatedly without any problems.

On top of that, there are some things that I consciously do to make the clothes that I have liked for a long time look beautiful.
Roll up your sleeves when wearing it.
When washing, put it in a net ← This is quite effective When drying, avoid direct sunlight as much as possible and hang it in the shade.
When it's impossible, put it away as soon as possible.
As for the hanging method, avoid hanging on a hanger as shown in the photo. Knit products in a wet state are easy to stretch,
The weight of the wet clothes pulls the neck down and stretches easily.
The belly part is folded in half and hung on a pole to dry.
Detergent is normal. I don't even use fabric softener.
Thoroughly doing the above, I think that it will be effective just by trying as much as possible without going so far.