Things I do to keep my clothes looking good


The two sweatshirts in the photo are 15 years old.
As expected, the surface has faded due to sunlight and washing, and the ribbing around the cuffs and hem has loosened.
However, the overall design remains well-balanced and shows the passage of time.
It feels like it's going to get worse, but it doesn't.
The printed part at the hem is also cracked, but remains.
The natural peeling that occurs over many years of use is something we have been conscious of when making the product.

The neck is wide.
At this time, the XS size (160cm) was positioned as a ladies' size, and was made with a wider neckline than the original design.
A few years later, the design was changed to unisex and men's sizes were expanded.
Compared to today's standard sweatshirts, the ribbing is shorter, the print design at the hem changes each time, and the ribbing around the neck is narrower.
These are the parts that underwent minor changes

Device's sweatshirts are made with thicker yarn, are washed and fully tumbled, so you can wear them without worrying and wash them repeatedly without any problems.

On top of that, there are a few things I consciously do to keep my favorite clothes looking nice for a long time.

① Roll up your sleeves moderately when wearing the garment.
②When washing, put it in a laundry net ← This is very effective ③When drying, avoid direct sunlight as much as possible and hang it in the shade.
④If it's not possible, put it away as soon as possible.
⑤When hanging to dry, avoid hanging on a hanger as shown in the photo. Knit products are easy to stretch when wet, and the weight of the wet garment pulls it down, stretching the neckline. I hang it on a pole folded in half at the waist.

I use normal detergent and no fabric softener.
You don't have to do the above thoroughly, but I think you'll see results if you just do what you can, so please take a look!