GQ JAPAN Listed Product Standard T-shirt is back in stock.

GQ JAPAN 掲載商品 定番Tシャツ 再入荷しました。

The standard T-shirt that was previously featured in GQ JAPAN is now back in stock.
This is a classic T-shirt made with DF's original jersey, which is slowly knitted using an old-fashioned loop knitting machine.

Using the know-how unique to DEVISE FACTORY, which started out as children's clothing, we mix comfortable materials with the texture and details of vintage T-shirts from the 1940s and 1950s. However, I value a balance with modern times and not too much of a vintage feel.

Best of all, regardless of your age or gender, the elegant texture of the material will improve the more you use it, creating a one-of-a-kind T-shirt!

Even after wearing it for several years, the neckline does not grow out (DEVISE FACTORY's directly managed physical store actually displays T-shirts that have been worn for 8 to 13 years).
No matter how many years you wear it, it doesn't look cheap.

I have only written good things, lol

I'm so confident, so go ahead!

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