GQ JAPAN products have been restocked.

GQ JAPAN 掲載商品再入荷しました。

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The sweatshirts that were featured in the November 2021 issue of GQ JAPAN are back in stock. It is a very comfortable sweatshirt that is knitted with DF's original heathered yarn with an old-fashioned knitting machine.

Once you put it through your sleeves, you will understand!

If you weave DF's original 100% COTTON slowly and honestly, you can create the best material.

Please look at the image that I wore for one season! The body has been sprayed firmly by hand, and the aging of the print is also nice.

A version dyed in a new color will also appear in late November!

Recently, the number of customers who try on clothes at actual stores is increasing, so please feel free to try them on when you come to the store!