DF Story 6 Challenge to walk-in sales

D F ストーリー 6 飛び込み営業に挑戦

I went on a business trip with 10 types of samples that I made for the first time!

I can't even do an exhibition with the 10-inch, and for some reason I started in Aomori Prefecture as a walk-in sales!
Aomori in the snow. I fell in front of the station, and I fell down at work. Lol At that time in the children's clothing industry, the so-called American casual boom was just beginning, and there were simple and earthy colors. The owner of the diving destination suddenly said, "It's old, isn't it?" (crying) I left thinking, "Isn't this old?"
After that, I went down from Tohoku to Kanto and continued business from time to time.
When I moved to Tokyo, the evaluation of clothes changed, and the number of shops where people would say "It's old" to "Cute" has increased little by little.

It has changed from mainly children's clothing back then to adult clothing now.
The products from that time are still being made as standard products today.