DF Story 35 First time customer

D F ストーリー 35 はじめてのお客様

The first female customer after opening a 5 tsubo store and a 5 tsubo office that doubles as a store! But Mr. T, I remember that time clearly.

I chewed it up. (bitter smile)
I clearly remember being bitten by a customer. (smile)
"Welcome! ’ also didn’t come out smoothly.
that's right. "Welcome!"

"I'm sorry"

I was nervous (although I'm still nervous all the time. Bitter smile) In that respect, my partner is good at explaining everything smoothly with a smile. After that, two people served Mr. T,

I said, "This is, um, dyed."

Mr. T "? ? Are you dyeing? 』

I said, "Yes, I'm dyeing it." (Sweat) Immediately, my partner will help.

Aibo: “The color of this item is dyed after it is made into a product, so you can get a subtle color. 』

Mr. T: “I see, I thought it was a good color. After that, Mr. T was satisfied with his purchase after a smooth exchange. I asked my buddy later.

I said, "It's difficult to serve customers."

Buddy: "Hmm, is it difficult? 』

I said, "Say, it's hard to tell you what I'm good at."

Aibo: Is that because there is no subject?ーーWahhaha,” I laughed.

I couldn't laugh. (Laughs) I had experience in sales, but the difficulty of serving customers directly was more difficult than I imagined. At that time, Mr. T's child was 3 years old. She continues to come to the store even now. According to Mr. T, his son also likes it and keeps wearing it. T-san and his family like WHITE T-shirts and sweatshirts, and most of the products they purchase are WHITE.