clothes to grow (clothes to grow)


Inside DEVISE FACTORY, we display T-shirts and sweatshirts that have been worn for 8 to 12 years, mixed with other products for sale.
Most of our customers look at our products without realizing that they have actually worn them, but in the process of interacting with them, I always tell them, ``This T-shirt has actually been worn for eight years.''


Customer: “Oh, really? I want this.”
Most of our customers say, ``I want this,'' or ``I don't have this for sale.''

When I first started displaying worn products, there wasn't much reaction.
Two or three years ago, the reaction started to change.
The number of customers who see, touch, and purchase the products they have worn has increased. (thank you.)

T-shirts and sweatshirts that have been worn have a completely different look compared to when they were new, creating an indescribable atmosphere, and depending on the person wearing them, the same product can have a different look.

The T-shirts and sweatshirts I wore didn't even touch my neck.
The product itself has a great flavor aura.
The important thing is that the aura of taste is not cheap.
Here lies the secret of DEVISE FACTORY's original recipe, which uses an old-fashioned loop knitting machine.
(I'm not exaggerating. LOL)

Of course, since it's clothing, the most important thing is that it's comfortable to wear.
Maximum comfort is the minimum requirement.

"Clothes that are comfortable, long-lasting, and have a great taste that you won't want to throw away."

Please feel free to come and see the ``clothes you grew up with'' on display in our store!