About material and size

For first-time customers

All products are made using one-of-a-kind sweatshirt fleece with original processing, combined with fabrics woven slowly over time with made-to-order threads in Tompkin loopwheel machines using original settings.

Compared to regular sweatshirt fleece, this material is very elastic and extremely soft, and is durable enough that it doesn’t lose its shape or stretch even with repeated use. Woven slowly over time, this fabric is highly breathable and helps retain warmth from body temperature. Most products are sewn using a four-needle flat seamer that uses a special sewing machine. Fabrics are held flat as they are sewn together, resulting in flat, even seams.

Only the two TOPGRAY and D.TOP colors are not piece dyed, so the different threads are used and the fabric is noticeably softer.
Wonderfully comfortable to wear, with the feel of a classy knit. The sewing is strong enough to withstand many years of use and washing. And while there are plenty of other clothes that are made with good fabrics out there, we always place the balance between material and design as number one when we make our garments. We hope that these clothes will be cherished for many years to come without being thrown away.

【Production location】
“Made in China” and “Made in Japan” are listed as the production location on DEVISE FACTORY product labels. We use Tompkin loopwheel machines, and it is simply a fact that there are very few studios in Japan that use these machines. When the brand was first launched, we were looking for somewhere to produce our products, but we struggled to find anywhere. It was at that time that we met a studio in Shanghai, China that had managed to get hold of a second-hand American loopwheel, and had studied how to use it. We decided to entrust our production to that studio. They cooperated even with our small orders, and many revisions have been made in our 19 years of operation.
Our products are not made in China out of a desire to mass produce at a low cost. They are made in China as a result of our need for production and skills using old style American loopwheel machines.

DEVISE FACTORY products are currently made either with the American loopwheel or a Japanese-made loopwheel depending on the characteristics of the fabric. But we don’t have a particular preference about production location—we think in terms of “made by” rather than “made in.” Of course, it would be ideal to be able to produce our products locally in Japan, but we will consider anywhere in the world as long as it means we can produce high-quality products.

In order to bring out the characteristics of the fabrics woven in the old style loopwheel machine and the texture after processing, press finishing (adjusting to standardized sizes) is not used in any of our products.
New products out of the dryer after wash treatment are in their most shrunken state, and will feel somewhat tight when worn, but will take on a comfortable softness the more they are worn. Fabrics that have become soft with use will once again become tight after being washed. The product will fit to the shape of your body by repeating this process.
If you look at the actual measurements of new products, they may seem smaller than regular sizes, but due to the peculiarities of the fabric, going up by about half a size will be roughly equivalent to your usual size.

Details about our sizing can be found below.
Aside from our ladies collection, all of our adult items are unisex.
Our products come in a variety of styles, and many women wear men’s sizes.

We endeavor to publish product photographs as close in color as possible to our actual products. However, the actual product may differ in color to the picture due to factors such as the customer’s computer screen settings and room lighting.

【Washing instructions】
Our products can be washed in home washing machines.
Note: Please avoid the use of hot water, bleach, or detergent with fluorescent agent because these may cause discoloration, damage the fabric, and affect the texture.
Turning clothes inside out while washing will help minimize damage to fabric caused by friction during the wash. Please use a laundry net when doing so, in order to keep the product in top quality for as long as possible.
In order to prevent sun damage, we recommend turning clothes inside out and drying them in the shade.