Things that can be passed on to the next generation


About three years ago, a customer visited us. That person is 75 years old.
He has a good attitude and speaks kindly, and when I asked him about it, he was the president of a company that had been importing eyeglasses from Europe, mainly England, for many years. Now it seems that the European eyewear brand is also manufactured in Fukui Prefecture, Japan.

Looking at the products in the store, I said, "I don't know much about the apparel industry, but I'm already over 70 years old. Recently, it's fine in a convenient world, but for some reason, in the latter half of my life, I became interested in things that will be passed on to generations. I was very happy and explained the product with all my might. When I get too hot, I can't understand what I'm saying (sweat) lol

Still, he listened with a smile and a nod. While we were discussing various things, the president said,

President ``There is a director of our company, Mr. Terry, who lives in Australia and is also a director of our company, and runs a surfboard company in Australia.''

Me: "Mr. Terry!? Is it a surfboard company?"

President "That's right. Terry is about the same age as me, but I often talk to him about wanting to be involved in something that can be passed down to the next generation in the latter half of his life. That surf brand. I have a logo, so it's still somewhere. Right now I'm in the creative stage, but if there's a chance, I'll consult with you when I make a T-shirt or sweatshirt.If it's durable and good, I can leave it to the next generation."

I: “Seriously? Of course!”

When I was in junior high school, there was a time when I was addicted to surfing. I can hardly go to the sea now, but I asked the president, "What is the name of the surfboard?" I was surprised to hear that. I murmured in my heart, "I know" and "Seriously".
The surfboard brand was easy to recognize. Currently, it seems to be deployed in Australia, Tahiti, South Africa, USA, France, Italy. To be honest, Terry-san's own name was something like "Have you heard of it before?" However, I somehow remembered Terry's name, and later I found out that what I remembered was a photo of Terry in a Japanese surfing magazine when he was young.

President: “Next year, Mr. Terry, you will come to Japan, so I will bring you to the shop then.”

Me: “Really! Thank you. I’m really looking forward to it!”

Since then, the president has visited the store many times to purchase products.
I'm excited to think that I might be able to make a T-shirt in collaboration with Terry. The world is all about sustainability these days, but we (there are only two of us lol) are small clothing stores that are different from the sustainable practices that big companies practice. Also, the clothes will be spread among siblings, relatives, neighbors, friends, and somewhere, you may be able to transform them into remade clothes based on them. Clothes that can be passed on to the next generation!