good thing


It's warm this year, and there will be a lot of styles like sweatshirts and light outerwear.
Parkers, great job.

And every weekend, I visit the shops of our business partners to explain the products.

Encounters, conversations, and empathy with many customers.

It is established with the cooperation of the shop staff who have been with us for many years.
Thank you.
And I will convey the goodness of HARVEST's knit products.
What is a piece that you feel attached to?
By paraphrasing what I said into various stories, I wonder if I can communicate more and sympathize...
While thinking about that,
So, when I get on, I will move on to chatting, immediately w
No, chatting is important, isn't it?

left of the photo

The sweatshirt that I usually wear, the NAVY that will be several generations.
Will it be 4 to 5 years old?
The new NAVY is shown side by side on the right.
It's changing to a good feeling.

When talking at the shop, if you can meet me, please see it in person,
I hope you can feel it.
The good things I think and the things I like are the common parts such as denim and leather riders and boots, silver products, etc.
Things change as you use them, they last a long time, you never get tired of them, and you become attached to them.
And it will be elegant depending on how you take care of it,,,
I'm thinking and planning to be something that feels the same as those.