Long-established store


There is a person who I have been working with for many years as a clothing master and as a wholesaler. That person has been running a clothing store in Kobe for nearly 30 years. I met him through my partner.

About 25 years ago, when my partner was in his twenties, I used to go to that store as a customer. I heard a lot about that time from my partner.

Autumn 2002

Aibo: “Wow, that’s a really good shop!”

I said, "Well, what kind of store is it?"

Buddy: "He's skillfully selecting Ralph Lauren and Patagonia, and Ortiga's vest is an excellent choice, making it look elegant even though it's American casual."

At that time, there weren't many select shops selling Patagonia streetwear, and I myself thought that Patagonia was bought at sports stores.
I remember that at that time, I was more interested in the word "refined" than the keywords "Patagonia" and "Ortiga".

I said, "Take me to that shop once!"

Buddy: "Of course! Let's go!"

When I asked about it, I heard that you had come to an exhibition when I was at my previous job (before DF was founded), but I didn't know you.

Partner "I came to an exhibition once when I was at my previous company!"

I said, "So you didn't make a deal, did you?"

Partner "That's right, at that time there was no relationship"

Aibo: “Aside from those purchased from New York, we also have original items from Labrador Retrievers from Tokyo.

Buddy: "Also, the owner is a Snoopy maniac!"

I "Snoopy??"

Buddy "Yes!"