event sale


The day before yesterday, I had a winter sale at a wholesaler who has been doing business with me for many years. This was my third time.
I was really happy that many people came to the store this time!
DEVISE FACTORY all together (two people laugh), I was allowed to serve customers.
To be honest, I'm not good at customer service (sweat).
There are endless possibilities, but I can't speak very well.
Can't wait to see me like that at this sales event? I don't know how it is, but (laughter) the customer enthusiastically explains the product to the customer.
There was also a scene.
However, I realized once again that the people who understand DEVISE FACTORY clothes the most are actually the customers who have been wearing them for many years!
Objectively speaking, it makes sense that
We know the most about how to make clothes.
In fact, in various situations, for example, at work, picking up children, traveling, at home, etc.
The most convincing story is what you can feel when you wear it, and I think it was good that you were particular about the material.
This weekend is a sales briefing in Toyama Prefecture.
I'm nervous again. tongue-out