long worn clothes


It's been 17 years since the HARVEST brand started in 2002, and we continue to make sweatshirt material clothes.
Since 2007, we have moved to our current office and store.
I was able to talk directly with customers in the style of the store, and I was able to understand their reactions in real life.
It was good.
More than anything,
It's good that you can see how it is worn after purchase and how it changes over time after repeated washing.
I myself wear the finished item and check the progress as the years go by, but it is not possible to have all the item numbers,
I can't wear women's items,
In such a situation, I would like to hear your real impressions.
Over the years, I've had more and more opportunities to see clothes that I've worn for 10 years.
I have a lot of clothes that I have worn for 10 years, but it is always fresh and exciting to see the products of our customers.

This is a customer's hoodie worn as gym training wear.
The faintness of the print, the texture of the fabric, and the degree of tearing of the pasted fabric have a taste.
Still active in active duty.
There are differences in the pace of wearing, how to use it, and how to wash it, and each item has its own personality.

How the color of the body fabric fades, how the print fades and peels off, etc.
I think that is the part where attachment boils.
In fact, if you don't wear it often after purchase, you can keep it even after many years.
After all, the point is how it becomes a favorite and the number of appearances increases, and after repeated washing? ?
I think.
Every time sweatshirts and T-shirts are washed, fine hair is pulled out from the thread and the fabric becomes thinner.
This is true for both expensive and cheap items.
Is the item we are making feeling good until it becomes useless?
I'm thinking
But in fact, none of the items I wear have been ruined yet.
I still wear it today with my attachment.
How to wash and dry that you practice to make it last longer in a better shape,
Such as the story of the part that is careful when wearing,
I would like to tell you.